4.02.09 Pradeep Ahirwar intensità cromatica...


Pradeep Ahirwar è un giovane artista indiano che crea le sue opere attraverso il contatto con la natura, un vortice di atmosfere dalle forti intensità cromatiche.

Alla domanda "cos'è per te la creatività?" risponde:

"When ever I find myself be with my own self, I can perceive the soul of beauty in nature with its brilliant hues, which are recollected and imprinted in and through my art . My art make my path clear to reach my destination and while going on this path. I find myself along with nature. I feel as if I am flying with birds and clouds along with the wind in the vast blue sky. I feel as if they are my companions this is a strange relationship this relationship is so strong that it lingers from birth till death. Nature sheds around me a deep influence .The obscure objects of nature, arising out of lines aspire me to explore the mystery of nature and touch the unknown horizon through my vision and imagination.I want to have the glimpse of that power which remains around me and my uses the same energy into my being. The magic of these lines prevails over the whole universe and gives identity to unknown objects of nature .All these lines find their evolution from that single line which when splits gives multitude lines and colours but this division is never still, it is ever transforming and moving for me my life . my art is also like these ever flowing lines and colours." Pradeep Ahirwar

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